The Argentinian “Waiting for the Hearse” was actually a Romanian-Uruguayan play

“Esperando la carroza” (Waiting for the Hearse) is one of the most famous Argentine films in the world and, for many Argentinians, their favorite or the best in national cinema.

But what many of them don’t know is that the movie directed by Alejandro Doria and starring a choral cast of great stars that shine in comedy and grotesque is based on a play by writer Jacobo Langsner -born in Romania and raised in Uruguay-, that premiered in Montevideo and later in Buenos Aires. The only actor that appeared both in the play and in the film was Juan Manuel Tenuta (in the role of Sergio).

There’s more: before making the leap to the big screen, the play was on TV. In 1972, it was featured in the prestigious Alta Comedia program, where another actress who would later repeat her role in the film adaptation appeared: the Uruguayan China Zorrilla (Elvira).



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