Autonomous vehicles learn from GTA V

The blockbuster video game by Rockstar Games is among simulators training auto-piloting software.

Scientists from the Darmstadt University of Technology in Germany and Intel Labs have developed a way to pull visual information from Grand Theft Auto V. Thanks to that, other researchers derived algorithms from its software that’s been tweaked for use in the self-driving sector.

GTA V‘s features are pretty close to reality, with 262 types of vehicles; more than 1,000 different (and unpredictable) pedestrians and animals; 14 weather conditions; and countless bridges, traffic signals, tunnels, and intersections.

According to Davide Bachet -from startup Nio whose team aims to introduce an autonomous electric car in the U.S. in 2020-, “just relying on data from the roads is not practical” and “with simulation, you can run the same scenario over and over again for infinite times, then test it again.”




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