Darth Vader is Dark Vador in French and Lord Fener in Italian

Arguably the most famous character from the Star Wars saga, Darth Vader has suffered several name changes around the world.

In the Italian version, since “Vader” sounded a bit too much like the way Italians pronounce “water” (a word they use, as well as Spaniards, for toilet, pronounced vadder), they went with Lord Fener. In France, it was due to the problems most French people face when speaking English and pronouncing foreign names. Thus, Darth Vader became Dark Vador.

George Lucas has stated that the name actually means “Dark Father” and vader is the word for father in Dutch; however, it’s said that this didn’t spoil the legendary ending to The Return of the Jedi for them because it’s pronounced differently (vah-der).

The French went further and, in the first dubbing, R2-D2 became D2-R2 (we still don’t know why), while C3PO was changed to Z3PO, probably because “C3” sounded like “c’est toi” (“it’s you”). Another pronunciation problem was poor Chewbacca (in French, the “chew” would have been “shoo”) who became Chiktaba!



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