A film critic reviews films just through posters without watching them

Before you judge this Argentine critic based in Spain, you should know his background story:

Oscar Peyrou, a man who even came to preside the Spanish Association of Film Critics, experienced one of the worst things that can happen to a fan of the seventh art: he started losing his sight. A widower, Peyrou could be seen roaming around film festivals, as director Octavio Guerra shows in his documentary “In search of Oscar” (a play on words between the famous Academy Award and the critic’s first name) based on Peyrou’s life.

But then, how can he give his opinion? By analyzing the film’s poster: he studies its colors, fonts, and disposition of its elements. His reviews can be read monthly in Canibaal magazine; Peyrou even gives talks about his peculiar practice.

His defenders criticize (no pun intended) other critics who destroy or praise a film only to please big distributors and who end up surrendering to marketing, seeing Peyrou’s style as something, at least, more sincere.



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