A man has eaten almost 30,000 Big Macs

Don Gorske was recognized by the Guinness World Records book in 2016 when ate his 28,788th Big Mac.

The record-holder is on pace to eat 30,000 of the iconic McDonald’s burgers. He definitely loves them:

The Big Macs are my favorite foods, so I’m just going to keep eating them every day.

According to the Guinness book, Gorske typically eats 14 Big Macs each week (!) purchasing them in bulk and microwaving them at home.

Over the past 44 years, he has only gone a day without eating a Big Mac eight times. His diet is based almost entirely on Big Macs: they account for 90 to 95 percent of his diet. And he pays the same price for the burgers as everyone else, not getting any discounts from the company.



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