Russell Crowe turned down the roles of Morpheus, Wolverine, and Aragorn

If you’re a fan of Russell Crowe, you might be disappointed to hear that he almost played iconic roles such as Morpheus in The Matrix, which the actor turned down to work on The Insider and, well, another great film, Gladiator, which would turn him into an international star.

Thanks to him, two other actors became stars: fellow Aussie Hugh Jackman, and Viggo Mortensen. When Crowe turned down the role of Wolverine in the first X-Men film to do A beautiful mind, he suggested Jackman for the part. The Lord of the Rings story is quite different: Crowe refused to play Aragorn because the film’s producers wanted to pay him 10 percent of the franchise’s profits instead of an upfront fee! Do you think he regrets it now?




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