The Singing Nun was a lesbian and ended up committing suicide

You may not have heard of Jeanne-Paule Marie “Jeannine” Deckers, but you’ve surely heard of Sœur Sourire (literally Sister Smile), better known as The Singing Nun.

(No, not the one who won The Voice of Italy, but the one Debbie Reynolds played in the 1966 movie).

A Belgian singer and songwriter, she was a member of the Dominican Order in Belgium as Sister Luc-Gabrielle. She became world famous in 1963 with the release of the French-language song “Dominique”, which topped the US Billboard Hot 100 and several other charts.

But her life was a difficult one, since she had lots of problems with the Catholic Church due to her songs and career, as well as her relationship with partner Annie Pécher, who was 11 years her junior.

Both of them would end up killing themselves, citing financial difficulties in a note. They were buried together.



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