Spain’s isn’t Matt Groening’s favorite Simpsons dub

Spain’s is the Simpsons creator’s favorite dubbing. Or at least, that’s what Spaniards will make you believe.

They’re absolutely convinced that Matt Groening once said this but they can’t show you the evidence. Apparently, this was on a book that was only published in the US shortly before the Simpsons movie and there were just a few copies released so it’s now out of print. Huh.

There’s also no scans, no pics or any reliable sources in Spanish, English, or any other language regarding this subject. Only forum threads.

The truth is, Fox did give an award to Carlos Revilla, the Simpsons’ Spanish dub director, for the best European dubbing, not the best in the whole world. This is just something Spaniards use to shut Latino fans up because the debate regarding which Spanish dub is the best (Spain’s or Latin America’s) is endless. Just visit the comments section of any Spanish-dubbed Simpsons video and you’ll see what I mean.



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